For many engineering students, IIT is a dream. Every year more than 15 lakh students from all over India appear for JEE mains followed by JEE advance. The entrance exam is marked as one of the most challenging exams to clear in the world. Lots of students start preparing for JEE exam after their 8 Grade only. Regular hard work and dedication towards achieving the goals are an authenticated key factors for cracking JEE exam.

This year JEE exam is on 8th April (offline mode) and 15 April (online mode). Here are some tips to kill the anxiety most of the students go through during the last days of exam.

 Now preparation for exams got easy with

It is the time to Revise

Leave learning any new concept now as it will only create confusion and stress. Just revise whatever you have read throughout the year. Practice them, try to remember them or even mug up if needed. Put all your energy into memorizing the concepts.

Solving previous year papers and mock test

Online JEE Mock Tests are designed to find out students strong and weak areas. Regularly solve them. Try to make the strong topic stronger and work on weak topics. Also, solve the previous year question papers of at least last ten years in order to feel confident about your preparation.

Your Peer Group

Whether you agree or not, but the type of people or friends you spend time with play a significant role in building or shattering your confidence. Thus, avoid the company of people with whom you feel negative vibes or distraction. Remember it is the crucial time where you can either make it or break it. Thus leave all negatively for some days.

Healthy lifestyle

You can do nothing if your health is not well. Thus take nutritious and sufficient diet and sleep at least for 6 hours. Do not ever try to skip meal and sleep as you may fall ill in that case.