One of the most raving question by recruiters of the time is that how can pre-employment assessment can benefit them in screening and selecting the qualified candidate for jobs, or there are any legal issues that can rise if the assessment is not valid or properly implemented.

Let’s decode all these concerns about pre-employment assessment together.

What is a pre-employment assessment?

Pre-Employment Assessment is used as a tool to screen the capabilities of a job application with a domain specialization. Pre-Employability Assessment measures the behavior skills required for career success. The recruiter can trust the assessment as it Screen job applicants based on their cognitive skills, personality, knowledge, work skills, physical & motor ability, emotional intelligence, language proficiency and every other required area. Pre-employment assessment is popularly also known as online employability test or online placement test.

It will lead to other company benefits, such as cost and time-saving in the selection process, eliminating turnover, and improving morale. Recruiters can increase the likelihood of hiring high-quality job applicants by using KoeScore Pre-Employment Assessment and select the industry ready applicants for the job.

What are the benefits of pre-employment assessment?

The objective of a pre-employment assessment is to identify job applicants those are most likely to perform well on the job. It can lead to additional benefits, such as it makes the process of job applicant screening cost and time effective. Moreover, it helps corporate to eliminate the cost associated with turnover, improve company’s morale, and increase employee retention.

What are challenges in using pre-employment assessment?

While there are a large number of benefits gained from adopting online pre-employment assessment in job applicant selection process, there are some basic issues that companies require to understand prior to implementing assessment. The first challenge that every recruiter’s face is ‘Validation’; there are many debates going on whether the assessment measures the specific area of job performance or not for success.

Another challenge that recruiter’s face is ‘Reliability’, that is how an assessment measures an item. For an assessment to be reliable, an individual score should be about the same every time the individual takes it. If a candidate takes an assessment on one day and scores potentially high, then takes the assessment a few weeks later and gets a low score, the assessment is not very reliable. An Assessment should effectively measure all the areas of traits, otherwise, it has no value in predicting candidate’s future job performance.

Guide to using pre-employment assessment:

Here are few tips for corporates that will ensure that pre-employment assessment delivers the desired business outcomes:

  • Choose the right Online Assessment service provider
  • Conduct a well-organised research before purchasing any online assessment services
  • Make sure that the assessment criteria meet your business needs
  • Avoid question that is personal in nature. The focus should be of measuring the aptitude and cognitive skills of the employees in the first level of assessment.

Employers can increase the probability of hiring quality employees by using the pre-employment test to help in the process of identifying the best candidates for the job. If executed correctly, pre-employment assessment can help companies to standardize candidate selection, save hiring cost & time,

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