Lately, Job Fairs have become highly popular in the eyes of both employers and the potential employees. Contrary to popular beliefs, job fairs are not dead. There is something for all, Employers from all size and specialization businesses can participate. Here are few ways employers can benefit from attending Job Fair 2019:

  1. Excellent Opportunity to meet Non-Traditional Candidates

In today’s job market, there are many employment models to consider. As a potential recruiter limiting yourself to one closes the door to potential rewarding opportunities. However, most of the employers have a strong idea about the talent they are looking to hire such as Engineering major or computer science major, career fairs 2017 will allow employers to find the perfect match for their organization.

  1. Meeting and Networking with other businesses

Job fairs are an excellent networking opportunities for recruiters with other professionals in the field. There has been a continuous increase in the way recruiters communicate with other professionals, but still there is nothing like a face to face contact. Career Fair 2017 will serve as a significant bridge in connecting with individuals and companies which can benefit mutually.

2. Gaining access to many job seekers

Recruiters and managers get a chance to meet dozens of candidates representing their talent in four to five hours of the career fair. For many of these talent seekers, career fairs can be an initial screening of talent. The event enables recruiters to recruit employees who are educated in specific areas.

3. Increase your brand awareness

For any company, job fairs are a form of a public relation where you can encourage job seekers to consider you and have a conversation with real people, rather than resumes. Often, recruiters participate in job fairs to develop brand awareness among students, job seekers, staff, and other employees.

How to make the most out of the job fair 2017 as a recruiter?

Here are some tips for recruiter which will guide them through how to prepare and stand out:

  • Prepare yourself with useful resources:

Every potential job seeker knows how to search for a potential company through Goggle search. Ensure that makes the worth of their time by providing them information that they could easily somewhere else.

  • Set up an eye-catching booth to attract an audience:

Get an attention-grabbing display that will make people more likely to visit your booth. At the of the day, the more candidates you attract, the greater are the chances to pool talent.

  • Step Forward and stand out in the Crowd:

You need to push your table and stand out to show your enthusiasm for the work you got to do. Get somebody from your organization for all time to attract candidates by engaging them in consulting. You as a recruiter cannot always expect candidates to come to you and find you, while on a platform where you are competing with other recruiters, looking for same skill set. This will not only create brand awareness but also give you an opportunity to study the needs and demands of the current job seeker market.

  • Open yourself to multiple domains:

Ensure that you do not present any material that only attracts specific group of job seekers. For example, if you display a banner which states that “if you are looking for a management major or engineering major? this is the place for you!” You could be missing out on a highly qualified applicant that can fit in your organization.

  • Don’t be depended on your Website:

Most of the recruiters depend on their website while they are representing their company. A prospective job seeker wants to know all about you have in for them as they want to claim a special relationship with your organization which solves their purpose of visiting a job fair. Otherwise, they would have just stayed home and applied online.

One of the biggest challenges business face (especially small business) today is to attract skilled workers who can assist organizations to achieve their business objectives. It can be difficult for companies to attract qualified candidates. However, job fairs are a common recruitment channel that represents several potential advantages to companies to attend.